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Lifestyle: I have seasonal allergies which in itself are no big deal. Raspy throat, sniffles, clogged sinuses are part of the picture. Now in the age of pandemic, every time I feel something related to any of the Covid-19 symptoms, I wonder if I somehow have the disease?

I take my temperature at least twice a day and it has been consistent in a range of about 96 -98 degrees.  I social distance, do not basically go out and wear a mask when I do.

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I have not been in a super market for weeks as the food and supplies are delivered to the house.  I must wash my hands 20 times a day. I think my reaction to the guidelines of what to do have been very right on. 

Yet, as we know , the tension of this disease plays havoc with your thoughts with the severe consequences very apparent.  I wonder when I go out why people do not wear masks as a safeguard to all.

Why runners and bicycles think it is ok to spit and sweat in confined areas such as tight, winding roads.

I wonder why the 6 feet rule does not apply when I see dozens of people in Los Angeles, and Santa Monica hanging out in lawn chairs and sharing food as they picnic in public areas.

I wonder if the AC unit is safe and not transmitting disease.

I wonder if I already had the disease as in Feb. I was pretty sick with I thought was the flu and missed two days of work which I never do.

These are just some of my concerns. Am I overthinking all this shit? Don’t know but that’s what I am thinking right now.

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