Pipe event: Breaking in with a new toy

Pipe event:  Just received a Dr. Grabow pipe and a tin of Balkan Sasieni tobacco. This is a new venture for me in the tobacco world.

I do have two other pipes that were acquired through the years , one a gift and the other Corn Cob Pipe. As I looked for a purchase , it was quite an undertaking as there are hundreds of blends and countless styles of pipes in all price points. 

I knew that Dr Grabow was a good place to start as if I did not like the new hobby, lots of cash was not thrown into the pot. 

The pipe is attractive, well made for a mass market device and the reviews for the pipe company were good.

There is also a learning curve in the art of pipe smoking so it will probably take some time to feel comfortable with the feel of the pipe, getting the best taste and learning how to keep the pipe from getting too hot.

Will take all advice about my new venture.


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