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Cigar subscriptions, are they worth it?

by Ministry of Cigars

Cigar subscriptions, are they worth it? If you’re looking for a simple yes or no answer, stop reading. It’s not that simple a question to answer. Many variables will ultimately decide whether a cigar subscription is something for you or not.

If you have no idea what a cigar subscription it, let us explain. You subscribe to a service where you’ll get a cigar sampler delivered to your doorstep every month for a fee. And you won’t know what cigars are featured in the sampler. Most of these subscriptions are available in the USA, but there are options in other countries as well. Sweden, for example, has a cigar club, run by the distributor Kind Cigars. And they will feature new introductions in every sample pack they send. In other countries, countries with fixed prices, services like these are prohibited.

Different services

There are plenty of cigar subscriptions out there. Some call them monthly cigar clubs, others came up with fancier names. But on the basis, they are all the same. Yet, some large retailers use their monthly cigar subscription to unload stock that doesn’t move. You’ll get a low value, often low quality, sampler. And it’s simple, these subscriptions aren’t worth it. Others try to come up with great value samplers with good quality cigars. Both from large brands and smaller, family-owned, manufacturers. And those are the ones that could prove to be a good choice.

The next thing to do is to see if a subscription to a monthly mystery sampler is something that fits your needs as a cigar smoker. If you are a novice smoker, the kind that still needs to explore what your likes and dislikes are, go get yourself a good cigar subscription.

But if you’re like us, spoiled and experienced cigar smokers with strong likes and dislikes, think twice. We love to try new cigars, but we have a particular preference. Cigars over a certain ring gauge will end up at the bottom of the humidor. And so do cigars from certain brands or certain factories. Any cigar with a Connecticut Shade wrapper would end up as a gift to friends. The likelihood that there will be at least one, and probably more, won’t be to our liking is high. That makes a subscription not worth it for experienced smokers with a particular palate and strong preferences.


So, as we wrote at the start, there is no yes or no answer. The only person who can answer if a subscription is a good idea is you. You know if you are ready to explore based on the choices someone else makes for you, or that you want to create your own samplers at the local tobacconist. But if you feel like a cigar subscription is a good idea, do some research and pick one that offers quality over quantity. So the answer to the question “Cigar subscriptions, are they worth it?” is totally up to you.

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