Lifestyle: Covid 19 Blues?

Lifestyle:  I am been super cautious in keeping the proper social distancing, mask wearing, washing hands , and all the guidelines that have been established for Covid 19.

So Thursday night my body temp. cheeped up to 100.1 , body aches and chills developed which are of course symptoms of the disease. As morning rolled around, my temp. was back down to 98, chills and body aches were gone.

My instinct told me to get tested which I did at a local urgent care facility who were affiliated with my physicians office .  I am sure there will be a charge but I do have health insurance. Try to get a public testing appointment and you might have to wait weeks.

I take my temp. 3/4 times a day, and also oxygen readings and they have been in the correct range.  I have self quarantined as required and now am awaiting the results of the test.

Waiting for the test results has certainly been a distraction and of course the mind wanders to often the worst case scenario.  Overall , presently , I feel fine physically, but the mind  tends to take over.

Hoping the results are negative but if not, the symptoms stay away as they have so far.


UPDATE: Results were negative.

Keep smoking

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