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Press Release: French Recording Artist Dalmas Emmanuel Stirs Up Social Media Excitement With High Anticipation For His New Single “Savages”

Article by: Justyn W. Brodsky

French artist Dalmas Emmanuel has been amassing an impressive amount of excitement on social media lately with exclusive news of his new track “Savages.” Dalmas Emmanuel, who previously stated how excited he was to see such high enthusiasm from fans in regards to the prospect of the new single, today said he didn’t imagine how fast the word would actually spread. When asked about the excitement coming from the fans, he responded:

“I am so amazed and grateful of all the messages I am receiving from my fans. Since I released the single, I have received reception from all over the world including the UK, USA and Australia. I have already been told that my new single is a perfect fit for major sporting events like Basketball, American Football, Hockey, and Baseball. It’s powerful, exciting and extremely well produced in the style of Migos, Wiz Khalifa, Drake and Kendrick Lamar…BUT with a French touch.”

Dalmas Emmanuel with “Savages” brings a lot of energy and is a perfect song for pumping up before a sports match. If you need the right energy to motivate you, listen to this song and you will win all of your battles. A really hard song with a big sense of banger. The vocals are really dope and the flow is hard hitting. The composition is versatile, multifaceted and captivating. It showcases a visceral realm and is downright an exceptionally well produced trap banger that sounds like it would be in Need For Speed: Underground – truly the best game of the series.

The artist from the South West of France has only been in the music scene since November 2016. His new track “Savages” takes Dalmas Emmanuel to the next level with some fans calling it his best work to date, which is a huge statement looking at his back catalogue.

Stream the new track below:

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