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New Jose L Piedra released

by Ministry of Cigars

New Jose L Piedra released. After the overhaul of the packaging, announced last month, there is more Jose L Piedra news. A new vitola called the Petit Caballero. It’s a 4¾x48 vitola, a Hermoso Especial according to the Habanos list of factory names. This is a new size as a regular production. Not just for Jose L Piedra, but also for Habanos. This specific vitola has only been used as a Limited Edition for Punch, three years ago.

Later this week the cigars will debut in La Casa del Habano stores in Switzerland. Habanos specialist shops will get the cigars next week. When the rest of the world gets to enjoy the handmade shortfiller cigars is yet to be seen. It’s the second new release that debuts in Switzerland this month. The Partagas Capitols from the Linea Retro line is introduced in Switzerland as well. Before the rest of the world gets the new cigars. The price of a bundle of 12 cigars ins CHF 50.40 (approx 47 euro).

Jose L Piedra

The Jose L Piedra brand started in the 1880s. It was a popular brand until the revolution. When the communist regime stole the factories from the original owners, Jose L Piedra lost popularity. More and more vitolas got discontinued by the new regime. In early 1990, the brand completely disappeared. Yet at the height of the 1990s cigar boom, Jose L Piedra returned. This time as a value brand. All handmade short-filler cigars instead of premium handmade long-fillers. All the Jose L Piedra cigars come in bundles or cardboard packs.

The founders of the brand are Vincente and Jose Lamadrid Piedra. The Spanish immigrants had a small factory at Calle Maximo Lopez in Remedios. Remedios is a town in the Vuelta Abajo. The current line-up consists of five regular production vitolas. The 5½x42 Brevas, 6×43 Cazadores, and the 4 ⅛ x43 Petit Cazadores are the most popular ones. Then there is the 5½x44 Conservas and the new 4¾x48 Petit Caballeros

Ministry of Cigars - New Jose L Piedra released

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