Lifestyle: Traffic is always bad in Los Angeles








Lifestyle: I live on a very scenic , 5 mile street in Los Angeles. It dead ends in the Santa Monica Mountains.  That is the good part.

The reality of this strasse is it’s one way in and one way out. It’s narrow and winding and bicycles,  cars, and construction crews have never figured it out. 

Today, I needed to run several early morning errands and left my house 730 am. No problem until I needed to come back.

This is what I encountered:

5 construction sites/tree clearing which blocked and stopped moving traffic. 

Trash day which means trucks stopping and going throughout the 5 mile stretch every house. There are 3 different types of trucks picking up A. Trash, B. Paper Goods, and C. leaves.

The usual assault of bicycles and their obnoxious riders who ride two, to three across and it’s difficult to pass . The bikers also do not believe stop signs are for them. If you happen to pass them, be prepared to get yelled or having your car spit on. ( those are the nice ones )

Local folks who walk on the road who are not aware , there are cars on the street.  This includes people with dogs, parents with baby carriages, cleaning help and others who just think the road is void of all traffic.

Traffic control or the lack of it,  has plagued this street for countless years. Everyone complains , nothing gets done. The only noise from government officials happen when someone gets hurt which usually are the bicycle riders. 

The bottom line is , I put up with it because it can be a very pleasant place to live, usually about two in the morning.

Keep smoking 

Let me know your thoughts and feedback, thanks for your support.

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