Fitness you can use: Walk this way

Fitness: walking is fun alone or with a partner. I have stopped running due to too many stress injuries, so walking is my cardio exercise of choice.

Here are some walking styles that might help you with plan of exercise.

There are various walking styles or techniques that people use during exercise. Some common exercise walking styles include:

  1. Brisk Walking: A fast-paced walking style that helps elevate heart rate and provides a good cardiovascular workout.
  2. Power Walking: Similar to brisk walking, but with a more exaggerated arm swing and longer strides.
  3. Nordic Walking: Involves walking with the use of poles, which engages the upper body muscles and provides a full-body workout.
  4. Interval Walking: Alternating between periods of fast walking and slower walking or rest to challenge the body and increase calorie burn.
  5. Hill Walking: Walking uphill or on inclined surfaces to strengthen the leg muscles and increase intensity.
  6. Barefoot Walking: Walking without shoes to engage the foot muscles and improve balance and proprioception.
  7. Meditative Walking: A slower, mindful walking style often used for relaxation and stress reduction.

Remember to choose the walking style that suits your fitness level and goals, and always warm up before starting any exercise routine.

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