Cigar news you can use: What are Puro cigars?

Cigar news: cigars from one country.

“Puro” cigars, also known as “puros,” are cigars made entirely from tobacco that comes from a single country or region. In other words, the tobacco used for the wrapper, binder, and filler all originate from the same place. This type of cigar is often celebrated for its distinct and authentic representation of the flavors and characteristics of the specific tobacco-growing region.

For example, if a cigar is labeled as a “Cuban puro,” it means that all the tobacco used in the cigar is grown in Cuba. Similarly, if a cigar is referred to as a “Nicaraguan puro,” it signifies that all the tobacco in the cigar comes from Nicaragua.

Puro cigars are often appreciated by enthusiasts who enjoy experiencing the unique tastes and aromas that specific tobacco regions can offer. They provide a focused and genuine representation of the tobacco’s origin.

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