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. There are many types and brands of cigar lighters available on the market, each with different features and designs. Some of the factors you may want to consider when choosing a cigar lighter are:

  • The flame type: Some lighters have a single flame, while others have multiple flames. A single flame lighter is more precise and economical, but it may take longer to light a cigar. A multi-flame lighter is faster and more powerful, but it may consume more fuel and scorch the cigar wrapper.
  • The fuel type: Most cigar lighters use butane as fuel, which is odorless and clean-burning. However, some lighters use other types of fuel, such as Zippo lighters, which use lighter fluid. Lighter fluid may impart a taste or smell to the cigar, which some smokers may not like.
  • The ignition type: Some lighters have a piezo ignition, which creates a spark by pressing a button. Others have a flint ignition, which requires striking a wheel or a lever. Piezo ignition is more convenient and reliable, but it may wear out over time. Flint ignition is more durable and classic, but it may require more maintenance and replacement of flints.
  • The design and style: Cigar lighters come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. Some are sleek and elegant, while others are rugged and durable. Some are pocket-sized and portable, while others are table-top and stationary. Some have additional features, such as cigar punches, fuel windows, or LED lights. You may want to choose a lighter that suits your personal preference and lifestyle.

To help you find the best cigar lighter for you, I have searched the web for some of the most popular and highly rated cigar lighters on the market. Here are some of the results I found:

  • Cigar Lighters – Cigars InternationalAd1: This website offers a wide range of cigar lighters from various brands, such as Rocky Patel, Xikar, Alec Bradley, Zippo, and more. You can filter by product type, flame type, color, ignition type, price range, and customer rating. You can also read reviews from other customers and see detailed descriptions and images of each lighter.
  • The 15 Best Cigar Lighters & Torches | Cigar World2: This article lists 15 of the best cigar lighters and torches according to Cigar World. It includes 5 best single-flame lighters, 5 best multi-flame lighters, and 5 best table-top lighters. It also provides brief summaries of why they love each lighter, along with links to buy them online.
  • Cigar Lighters | Torch, Tabletop, & More | Thompson Cigar3: This website also offers a variety of cigar lighters from top brands like Xikar, Vertigo, Jetline, and more. You can sort by price, customer rating, name, or best seller. You can also see images and ratings of each lighter.
  • The 12 Best Cigar Lighters You Can Buy in 2023 (Reviews) – Cigarzine4: This article reviews 12 of the best cigar lighters you can buy in 2023 according to Cigarzine. It includes 4 best mid-range lighters, 4 best luxury lighters, and 4 super luxury lighters. It also provides pros and cons of each lighter, along with links to buy them online.

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