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Choosing a Cigar:Familiarize yourself with the varieties of cigars. Consider factors like smell, size, and how each cigar feels in your hand.Some common types include:Corona: Rich and intense with an open foot.Robusto: Great for beginners, nutty and mild.Pyramid: Complex flavors with a pointed, closed head.Toro: Wide for savory, hour-long sessions.Cutting the Cigar:Use a sharp blade (like a guillotine) to cut off the cap in one quick chop.This exposes the tobacco inside.Warming Up the Tobacco:Rotate the foot of your cigar around the flame of your match or lighter to warm up the tobacco.Lighting the Cigar:Hold the cigar at a 45-degree angle.Apply heat to the foot while rotating it to ensure even lighting.Gently puff (without inhaling) until you feel the smoke in your mouth.Smoking Etiquette:Avoid inhaling (cigars are not cigarettes).Savor the flavors by gently puffing and blowing out.Enjoy your smoke without rushing!Remember, there’s no one “right” way to smoke a cigar—just find what you enjoy! 🚬123

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