A Question of Balance?

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First off happy Fourth of July and enjoy the festivities. For me , I need to eventually get to work. Here is my thought of the day about cigars and blogging. What are the expectations of how many followers I will get?

Writing primarily  about cigars is a very niche area . Reading other blogs who have been around for a spell,  I see some with thousands of followers and more.  They appear to be hard-core followers who get regular emails from these bloggers. My total is very modest and granted just recently started this endeavor, I wonder what direction the numbers will end up?

I am not competing with bloggers who write about fashion, health, photography, or the countless topics people blog about. Basically I would like to attract some e-commerce, have fun and spread the word about what I enjoy.  This seems to be a modest goal and very doable. Cigars, music, friendship, sports are all topics with a nice following. As I make headway attracting new readers , perhaps my range of topics will expand.  I am not jealous of any other blogger who writes about similar interests.  I also enjoy reading other blogs outside my domain. This is how I learn. There are so many outstanding blogs to visit , it is difficult just to make time to read a couple a day.

Hopefully my blog readership will expand without getting obsessed about the numbers. I like doing this without adding pressure to create content just because I think I need to. My plan is  to write about my interests and not take up grand visions of the universe.  I will leave that to others who are more knowledgable  about life than I am.

Growing up in New York city I think I figured things out long time ago.

Keep smoking

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Friendship and Cigars: A winning combo


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