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I am trying to make a decision which impacts my website and am seeking your input about this. Currently I am on the WordPress  premium site which has given me a foothold in the blogging world.  I am still learning how to do things but overall  the program has been solid. I was not aware how many options I had before my site became operational.  Before WordPress  I was on E blogger which suited my needs at the time.

My goals for UrbanFishingPolecigars.com were:

  • Expand readership, awareness for consumers to the market place and create a fun site.
  • Enjoy writing about subjects that are interesting to me.
  • Actually make a steady supplementary income through banner hits, commissions on sales and maybe down the road sell my own products.

These ideas were pretty straightforward and simple. So my question is , ” Do I need to further expand my webpage by going to the WordPress business upgrade? ”  The extra fee they ask for is really small and it does offer some options which I presently do not have. I like the idea of getting other plug-ins which would expand the business end of the site. I am also thinking that Google analytics and SEO would give me more direction for my purposes.

So what I ask from readers is ideas and thoughts , and has it helped  in the overall scheme to attract more hits and followers?

Thanks for your input.


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  1. [ Smiles ] You might as well go with the business upgrade since it costs a little more.

    However, in regards to business, the self-hosted version of WordPress is way better than the WordPress-hosted version.

    Anyway, since you are here, you might as well make the best of it.

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