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Lifestyle:  Getting the right Personal Fitness Trainer

Finding a fitness trainer sounds like a simple enough task.

Go to a gym look for the biggest dude and ask him to work out with you.

Another method could be asking your friend to train you. ( not a good idea) The reality is there are many ways to find a trainer. What you actually need though is a good trainer who knows what they are doing. Here are some key components to look for.

  • Is the trainer certified from a national agency such as NASM. or ACSM. ?There are several established certification programs that are reputable with course work and testing requirements.
  • Just because the trainer says they are certified , you need to know what the requirements were to get the certification. Get a copy of the certification.
  • Interview the trainer on their methods. Are they compatible with your goals?
  • Ask questions about who they trained,  how often , what kind of results the client achieved? Do they have testimonials from clients?
  • Is there schedule compatible with yours?  Are there late fees if you do not show up or if they reschedule? Do you need to sign a contract? Do you get a price break if you purchase more sessions? If they are on vacation do they have someone who can pinch hit? Are they reliable and on time?
  • Is the trainer insured? Where do they train? What type of facility is it?
  • Will they come to your house and bring equipment or do you need to supply the stuff? Can they train you outside ?
  • Why do they train and is it a full-time job for them?
  • Do you like their personality and is it compatible with yours?
  • Can you try them out for a session or two to see if you hit it off ?

I always felt the critical skills for a trainer  important but the how they work with the client is critical.

They may know their stuff but that is not enough.  If you butt heads with them all the time, if you don’t like their training methods,  or don’t feel comfortable with their style, in the long run it will probably not work.

Your judgment will be the final determinant in your decision. Mull it over and think about for several days. The trainer/client relationship is based on trust and if this feels shaky, you have a bad fit.

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