Cigar News you can use: La Palina announcement

The Goldie I have not yet tried. This is a limited , high-end release so the best bet for those who plan to purchase the Goldie is to make a quick grab and put them in your stash. The cigar is available but keep asking your local B and M to stay on top or else you will just be talking about this cigar and not actually smoking it.
I spoke to Clay Roberts, of La Palina Cigars  this past Saturday as he was about to leave for an extensive European trip for La Palina. He stated that his excursion would be taking him to several large venues to talk about the whole La Palina line and not just about one cigar.  He suggested we talk more when he got back in about 3 weeks.
In the interim I will be feasting on the remaining La Palina products I have stored in my humidor. Several new reviews will be forthcoming.
Keep smoking

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