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This past Saturday I went to a birthday party hosted for Sean Callery ,  an Emmy award-winning composer whose credits include: Twenty Four, Homeland , Bones and many others. Sean is also a cigar guy who enjoys a smoke which helps him unwind as his day is very hectic.  I see Sean several times a year during award shows or events. I make it a point to give him a good smoke which he truly appreciates.

The party was held at a new complex in the heart of Hollywood which is a combo of  a high-end apartment edifice, with  a big list of amenities and a roof top bar and pool. The views from the rooftop are very cool with a bird’s-eye view of the streets and boulevards of LA.

What you don’t see is the grit of the inner city.  Hollywood is at a crossroads as it is one of  the few areas left when working class people still can afford an apartment. However, that is fading rapidly as buildings such as this one will soon destroy the fabric of sane rental properties. Five years from now , this world will just disappear.


At the party I met for the first time Joel Surnow, a legendary television producer and writer , who has been involved with top hits such as 24, Falcon Crest, The Commish, The Kennedy’s and the Equalizer.  So what do you talk about when you meet someone for the first time? I knew Joel was a cigar guy too as he was once interviewed in Cigar Aficionado magazine. So we chatted about his favorite cigars and his involvement with keeping a cigar store afloat in the small town of Ventura, Ca. Joel and several others invested in this store so they could have a place to hang out and smoke.  I thought very highly of this as it shows what cigar smoking is all about. Your income, political framework, where you grew up does not hold a candle to cigar smoking, cigar talk and cigar enjoyment. 



We truly are all Brothers of the Leaf.

Keep smoking

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