Cigar Review: A different kind of review, short version

Bahia Blu Toro





Cigar review: Bahia Blu was a very hot cigar back in the nineties for reasons I cannot fathom. I vaguely remember smoking them on occasion but I don’t think I bought any. Must have been gifted to me,  but who can always remember that far back. 

This will be a condensed review of a gifted cigar that a friend gave me. Bahia Blu is manufactured in Nicaragua with the wrapper, binder, filler all from there. The smoke in question was a 6 x 60 Toro and indulged in Los Angeles, Ca. 10/15/17.

As always though how and where  I received the cigar does not impact my view. If you so choose , make your own judgement and let me know your thoughts.

The overall appearance was spotty and uneven with an oily feel and veins displayed but not prominently .

The first third of the smoke had a taste of mild pepper and a back flavor of cherries , nut and oranges. Not a bad mix to start with a medium balance.

The burn line was pretty straight, stayed lit with no problems.

As we smoked on , the flavor turned bitter and flinty and this mostly continued throughout the rest of the smoke. I finished the cigar with reservations but I soldiered on for the sake of this review.

My conclusion and overall impression is a cigar that would not make the cut as a regular visitor to my humidor. The price point is very reasonable so if that is your overriding consideration, good for you. 

This cigar rates a 2.5.

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