Cigar Lifestyle: the good, the bad and the ?

Cigar events:

It’s old news already that I suffered an injury and will be on the shelf for several months. The recovery will be work but have always been up for a challenge. Some point by point thoughts in no particular order.

1. Spoke to several friends that I have seen not regularly for years. Great talking to them , all were concerned about the injury and my recovery.

2. If I proceed through the progressions of exercises that are required methodically, I will be back to my normal routine in due time. Cannot rush or take shortcuts because the body won’t work that. Having decades of strong, physical activity has given me understanding and insight what needs to get done.

3. Use the support systems that are in in place or ask for additional support if I need it. This is not the time to be shy or demure.

4. Stay positive but realize there will be off days too.

5. Invite friends to the house to hang with , smoke a cigar when you can with them. Do not isolate yourself .

6. Enjoy the furry family, they love you all the time.

7. Listen to the wife, she knows a lot of shit.

8. Injuries remind you of your vulnerabilities. Don’t believe nothing will ever happen to you.

9. Be organized and don’t expect things will just happen. Stay on top of everything,

10. Use the time to catch up on reading, writing, blogging and those things you meant to do but never get around too.

Keep smoking

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