Lifestyle: I almost cut my ……..

Lifestyle: I have had a beard for years in various styles depending on mood and look. There have been many articles on why men grow whiskers on their face with dozens or more explanations. Beards are very in right now with hipsters, mountain men , scholars an others leading the charge,

On the other hand , there are those who cannot grow a beard properly and basically look like crap. My beard has taken a life of it’s own as i have not been able to get to my local barber in over a month due to my knee injury. I usually get to my Russian barber every two or three weeks for a simple shaping and trim. It takes ten minutes max and looks pretty good.

Through the years it has gone from dark brown to 99% grey. Some say it makes me look older but I am older so big deal. I am not trying to fake my age or pretend I am in my twenties. That era is long gone. I will get it trimmed when I am able to maneuver back and drive. Not sure when that will happen as my non drive time was anywhere from 6 to 9 weeks.

Actually I like the way my beard looks now , a cross between a Rabbi and duck dynasty. Let me know what you think.

Keep smoking.

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