Cigar Review: The Sea by Nicholas J.

Cigar Review: The Sea. Rough waters ahead?

Discovering a new cigar brand is a journey  into the unknown. My expectations are usually muted. You are hoping the cigar will be a winner but you also remain cautious as cigar tasting is so subjective.

Nicholas J.’s story is reported on my blog and it’s a heartwarming take. I received the two blends gratis from him and the first review will be on the maduro blend. As always, my view is subjective but how and where I receive the cigar does not influence my thinking. If you are interested in the cigar, please contact: to order.

Brand/Name of Cigar: Cigars by NicholsJ/The Sea

Country of Origin: Dominican Republic

Size: App. 5.5 x 42

Wrapper: Maduro

Binder: Dominican Republic

Filler: Dominican Republic

Shape: Corona

Price: $33.00 for sampler plus free shipping, Other samplers are available

Where and When Smoked: Los Angeles, Ca. 2/11/18

Appearance/Construction:   Medium brown wrapper with a semi oily touch. No obvious construction flaws with a few small veins showing.  Handsome looking with a simple but attractive band. Made with care.

Flavor/Taste and Aroma: First third had a profile of coca, nuts and a hint of mint. Medium strength but leaning to the lighter side. Very little spice, smooth and sweet. Second third remained steady with a pleasing flavor but not complex. 

Smoking Characteristics:  Burned steady, lit and with a grey ash. As the smoke progressed did have an uneven burn.

Conclusion/Overall Impression: This is a middle of the road blend for me. Nothing striking that would present itself as a top-tier cigar but for an hour of so, it gave me good smoking pleasure. Nicholas J. Cigars presentation is a good start and will review his other blend, Alma too.

Final Thoughts and numbers:

Encouraging Nicholas J. to continue to develop his cigars with a bit more complex flavor. I would also tell everyone to support his cause as the community needs people who will provide consumers with new blends and new enthusiasm.

Appearance/Construction: 3.5 out of 5

Flavor/Taste and Aroma: 3.5 out of 5

Smoking characteristics: 3 out of 5

Conclusion/Overall Impression: 3.2 out of 5

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ABOUT US1bfe35_eaab479d4a1f4dc1b585be288b5a89ce_mv2_d_1440_1451_s_2.png

The story of Cigars by Nicholas J. comes from a son’s love for his parents.

     Nicholas J. created the ALMA and the SEA to honor his parents and so that they will forever be remembered. This is also a story of sharing his parents love with all fellow cigar smokers. His hopes are that when smoking these two great brands, good memories of one’s parents come back to life and for those who did not have or have as good a relationship with their parents, this is Nicholas J.’s open invitation not only enjoy a great cigar, but also be welcomed and indulge in the love of his family.

     The ALMA is our Connecticut wrapped mild cigar. The particular reason the name and the cigar was made this way was to honor Nicholas J.’s mother, Adrienne. The letters represent Adrienne’s first, middle, maiden, and last name. We chose to make this a mild flavor because we feel the smooth taste of this Connecticut wrapped cigar resembles the gentle nature of a woman, in particularly a mother. Adrienne was that of what a great mother is envisioned to be. She was constantly tending to Nicholas J. and his brothers through academia, sports, and all other matters of life three brothers endure together. She taught Nicholas J. and his brothers how to be kind, generous, loving, and of course gentlemen, the embodiment of what a mother should pass to her children. Nicholas J. wants to share these positive memories with you or to bring back the positive memories of your mother when smoking The ALMA.

      The SEA is our Maduro wrapped medium-full cigar. This cigar was created to honor Nicholas J.’s father, Samy. As the ALMA, the SEA represents the intials for Samy’s first, middle, and last name. The medium-full flavor is meant to embody the strength and boldness a father passes to his sons. Nicholas J. and his brothers learned to be strong, wise, and enduring from they’re father, Samy. Nicholas J. and his father had a strong bond, given that they were both the youngest sons of they’re families. As much strength and endurance Samy taught his sons through their experiences and by example, he was never too prideful or bold to tell his sons how much he loved them. So this is how the SEA resembles the flavor as a boldness is initially experienced but ends on a smooth note.

      Thank you for taking the time to read our story. We hope you see the motivation of Nicholas J. in creating the ALMA and the SEA. Nicholas J. wants these cigars not to just be another great smoke, but also to give and share his positivity and love to all his fellow cigar smokers.

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