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Alec Bradley is coming out with new cigars to round up the portfolio.

It looks like 2018 will be an interesting year for Alec Bradley. The company’s founder Alan Rubin has a few releases scheduled for the near future. Some of them are new.

“We’re coming out with some cigars to round out our portfolio,” he says. “In May or June we will launch Vantablack, for example, a darker, full-bodied cigar. It will not necessarily have a strong nicotine kick, but a tremendous amount of flavor.”

In April AB will bring back a product they had 15 years ago, called The Medalist. Alan Rubin: “We haven’t had a mild, smooth Connecticut in a long time,. This is right up the alley for people who just want a nice, humble cigar they can enjoy every day without analyzing everything. It’s on the mild side, with flavor and sweetness.”

AB is also commemorating the company’s 20th anniversary, two years too late: “We wanted to re-release our first ever cigar in 2016, but because of the FDA regulations we weren’t able to. Now it’s time to launch it. We’re coming out with an Alec Bradley 1996. It’s an homage to the beginning of the company.”


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