Cigar Events: Thurday afternoon at the abode

Cigar events: Cooling my heels with a house blend from Holt’s cigars. No big review but a pleasant enough cigar for short money.  Mild, somewhat

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Cigar news you can use: Making a new footprint

Cigar news: Leading by example and with purpose, Rene Castaneda of Villiger Cigars establishes a new beachead for North America. Keep smoking Lead by Example:

Cigar news you can use: Happy Anniversary

Cigar news: Fifty years and the leader of the pack. Staying on the cigar trail Keep smoking Macanudo Celebrates its Golden Anniversary Cigar Journal i In

Cigar news you can use: Hide in plain sight

Cigar news: A bit of whimsy from a cigar dude. Keep smoking Caldwell Hides Easter Egg in Eastern Standard Boxes FEBRUARY 7, 2018 | By

Cigar review: Guest review/Cigarguide

Cigar review: I like passing on reviews  from other bloggers on products that seem to be worth trying out. Lancero’s are not a shape I