Cigar News you can use: Figure this one out

Cigar news: Sounds like someone does not like the other one. Keep smoking Questionable police search leads to investigation amid beer dispute Longtime employee Charlie

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Cigar Events: It needed to get done

Cigar Events: I never get bored hanging out at the Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge. Today I met a new cigar crony who sat around and

Cigar News you can use: The Hub rules

Cigar News: Back in the 1980’s I worked in downtown Boston about 3 blocks from Ehlich’s Pipe and Cigar. Every couple of weeks I would

Cigar News you can use: Time is on my side

Cigar News:   I totally enjoy watches. One day I will talk about them on the blog with pictures. I think I possess over 60

Cigar events: Perdomo Paradise

Cigar events: Opening day of baseball , the Red Sox blew their first game with bad relief pitching. No matter, the cigar relieved the pain

Cigars news : Famous Cigars cranking it up

Cigar news: Famous Cigars are ( also a sponsor of this site ) are putting out two new ways to keep your cigar knowledge up

Cigar review: A Macanudo moment

                Given the title of best-selling cigar in the USA, Macanudo  is providing all smokers with a variety of

Blog news you can use: Spread the word

Blog news: Word of mouth is  a great way to let people know that you exist. The same can be said about blogs. There is

Cigar events: Being good looking is not enough

Cigar events: Catchy title huh? Hope you look at the video , ignore the face and check out a bargin basement cigar that was pretty

Cigar News you can use: Join the Red Army

Cigar news: The ever popular Macanduo franchise is now available with their Inspirado Red product. Take a look. I just received a sample from General

Cigar News you can use: Flash sale from JR

Cigar news: When I see a good deal, I will let my posse know. JR is throwing out this deal for those who enjoy a

Sports News you can use: Hurt again.

Sports news: Jacoby Ellsbury seems to spend more time on the disabled list than actually playing baseball. He parlayed a couple of outstanding seasons with

Cigar News you can use: The start of something big

Cigar news: How it all began or at least one theory about smoking in the boy’s room. Keep smoking THE HISTORY OF SMOKING J. Bennett

Cigar Review: A Cuban by any name

Cigar review: Reviews can sometimes be tricky.  The pedigree of a cigar might make your expectations unrealistic. In some ways, its similar when race horses

Cigar event: Quick pick

Cigar event: Saturday seems to be my Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge again as friends and family are driving me most of the time until I

Lifestyle: Check this out for history

Friday the 13th of September, 1935, seemed like an ordinary day at the Higbee department store in Cleveland’s Public Square. Marzipan bon bons were on

Cigar News/Lifestyle you can use: Black hats vs. White hats

Cigar news/Lifestyle: Not sure if I agree with Mr. Goldman as research is lacking, but he has made a point. To me, it’s more about

Cigar News you can use: A royal undertaking

Cigar news: Joining forces with other cigar manufacturers , Royal Agio will partake in expanding the cigar message. Keep smoking Royal Agio Cigars joins ProCigar

Cigar events: Perdomo Habano at the abode

Cigar events: With Mandi enjoying the sun. Keep Smoking

Cigar News you can use: Rocky Patel opens new concept cigar lounge

Cigar news: Rocky Patel press release Since Rocky Patel made the cigar scene he has always been an innovator.  Now Rocky and his crew are

Cigar News you can use: Rocky Patel makes it very clear

Cigar news: Watch, listen and let everyone one know. The FDA is threatening to kill the cigar industy. Keep smoking        

Lifestyle: Eggs exactly

Lifestyle: Being in college gives you the opportunity to do many unusual things. If you have an active imagination, and like being silly , the

Cigar News you can use: Good news for the cigar bizz

Cigar news: I like hearing about positive news from the cigar industry, as much of it has been a downer for the last couple of

Cigar News you can use: Villiger press release

Cigar news: Villiger continues to expand their market to the North American consumer with new products and availabilty . Keep smoking       Date:

Cigar News you can use: Keep on pushing

Cigar news: Press release from Villiger Cigars VILLIGER CIGARS REACHES DISTRIBUTION AGREEMENTS IN CANADA AND MEXICO Villiger Cigars continues its growth, as agreements have been

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