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Cigar events:

Having lived in Los Angeles for over 20 years now , you know the entertainment industry is always in your face.  It’s what this town is about in just about every aspect of its existence.

I am friends with people who are in the business from actors , behind the scenes technical aspects , and the money part. I also have been a  personal trainer for actors who needed to get in shape for a role or stay in shape.

What this means is I do have a connection of sorts to the industry, but for many it is a love hate relationship. Mostly I try to stay out of it if that’s possible.

I did watch most of the presentation with the winners taking the stage and making speeches mostly about how wonderful they were. There is always a political component to these shows even if it is superficial  or over the top.

Frances McDormand acceptance speech was a work of intensity  that made me cringe. The show was way too long but we knew that was coming.  Now here is the connection between the Academy awards and cigars.

The cigar world has their own version of the best of,  with bloggers like myself listing their favorite smokes of the year.

Cigar Aficionado magazine best of list can  make a cigar a household word for cigar smokers. There have been several smokes through the years that I smoked because I saw them on the list.

Mostly I think this is good for the industry as the honor the cigar gets increases awareness and sales.  What cigar consumers must also realize how subjective these ratings are. I always mention in my reviews , the thoughts about the cigar are my thoughts and the reader should try the cigar themselves to make their own judgment.

As with movies , the reader or viewer are the final judges of the product. It was mentioned in the award show that most people never see the big award winners.  That is true for me for sure.

For cigars we like , let your friends know about them. Don’t just smoke the same products all the time. Give some new blends a chance so we can learn about what your preferences are.  This helps all of us.

Keep smoking

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