Cigar Event: Because I can

Cigar event: Rehab walk of a mile or so,then Oliva Serie O cigar. Keep smoking Advertisements

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Cigar News you can use: We are number 1

Cigar News you can use: Sam Adams and the Boston Red Sox are now partners in crime. The suds world and  baseball have joined forces

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Cigar News you can use: Another piece of the cigar puzzle/ press release

Cigar news:  J.C. Newman makes a change in their marketing scheme as to increase sales and awareness of their lines. Keep smoking J.C. NEWMAN ANNOUNCES

Cigar Events: Change is sometimes good?Follow the money

Cigar events:  I am still making changes in the overall design of my web page and blog. The look is cleaner , updated and more

Cigar News you can use: All things must pass

Cigar news/press release : While I was not familiar with McClelland Tobacco Company, it is unfortunate that any small business needs to call it a