Cigar News you can use: Rocky Patel opens new concept cigar lounge

Burn-Pitt-Interior-3.jpgCigar news: Rocky Patel press release

Since Rocky Patel made the cigar scene he has always been an innovator.  Now Rocky and his crew are opening a new lounge in Steel City with a great design for cigars, spirits and music.  If you are in the Pittsburgh area for business or pleasure, make it a point to take it in and hang with the Patel heads.

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Located at 346 North Shore Drive between Tequila Cowboy and Burgatory, BURN by Rocky Patel is an evolution in cigar lounges designed for those who enjoy fine cigars, premium spirits, delectable cuisine and trendy live music. The cigar lounge and brand is owned and operated by Rocky Patel, the founder of Rocky Patel Premium Cigars. Patel’s inaugural BURN by Rocky Patel location opened in Naples, Florida, in 2010 and is still thriving today.

“We’re changing how people are looking at cigars bars with live music, DJ sets and a more lively atmosphere,” explained Patel. “Burn will speak to a different dynamic of people. We are bringing new types of people into the [premium cigar] category, including women, young men and future business leaders.”

Swatchroom, the Washington, DC-based design firm responsible for the Pittsburgh interior, explained that the lounge “pays homage to a steel town filled with a history of grit and glamour.” Burn’s interior features such rustic material as patina’d copper and charred cedar, while juxtaposing refined material such as marble and laser cut metal panels. The layout’s courtyard design draws the eye to the 300-sqaure-foot Spanish cedar-lined humidor at the heart of the space.

Similar to the Naples locale, BURN by Rocky Patel Pittsburgh will be open daily from 2pm – 2am.

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