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The baseball season is about a week old and several observations after watching many games on the tube.

  • The Red Sox run the baseball paths as they were a Little League team. This is actually being harsh to Little League baseball players.
  • I cannot understand why this basic skill cannot be grasped by so many players. The Red Sox seem to destroy many possible big innings by being thrown out trying to advance to another base.
  • Teams keep tabs on these type of gaffes but perhaps the coaches need to have players practice when to run and not run.
  • The Yankees big sluggers came into the season with fans drooling about how many home runs they would hit. They will hit home runs for sure, but can be pitched to in critical batting situations.  Judge, Stanton and Suarez have loopy swings and tying them up by pitching inside destroys their timing.
  • I am not the only one of course who realizes this, but I do not think the Yankees have the  powerful lineup many believe will be so dominant.
  • Houston still is the team to beat at the end of the season.  They are solid everywhere.
  • The Cubs are going to be exciting but will be erratic as their relief  pitching is not that  strong.
  • I do not understand why so many players get hurt. Is it poor training , the nature of the the modern game or too many games?  The rosters are filled with players on the disabled list already.
  • It’s great to manage from my computer as I know just about everything in  baseball. If any team needs my expertise, I am available for hire.

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