Lifestyle: Lost in the ozone, Crony found


Rob, Steve and myself
Your Blogger, Larry Brooks, Rob Brooks and Steve Ingber
Stay away from them
Notice the tux get up
Lost in the ozone
Plaid shirts were our thing

I am still in close contact with a high school chum who graduated one year ahead of me in 1968. He has lived in Orlando Florida the last 30 years or so but every couple of months we call each other.

My friend Rob , myself and the other friend in this troika, Steve were glued at the hip throughout high school and our college years. Our adventures were usually fun and sometimes perilous but we always watched each other’s backs.

Eventually both Rob and Steve got married to their respective spouses, moved to different parts of Florida while I gravitated to the burbs of Boston where I too got married. Rob and I stayed in touch but Steve disappeared. Through the years Rob made attempts to contact Steve but that never happened. We thought it was just meant to be as we wondered what happened to him.

Rob’s wife came up with a brilliant idea. Why don’t you write Steve at his last known address? Rob took her advice and sent Steve a letter. A few weeks passed and Steve responded with a call and a gap of 40 years was closed.

Rob gave me a buzz and informed me of the details of the new connection. This was pretty wild stuff and Rob suggested I call Steve right away. I also received from Rob several photos of the three of us at his wedding.

I made the call to Steve and we connected like a day never passed. We gave each other the short version of what has happened the last 40 years. So we promised to stay in touch and on my end that will certainly happen.

What a  long, strange, trip it’s been.

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