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Cigar events:

Last week I had a discussion with two, relatively new cigar smokers who were researching cigars for a wedding event. They at the time were sampling Fuente products which I thought was a very good choice .

That brand was my cigar of choice for my wedding party years back. I chose the Chateau Fuente Sun grown robusto and the crew enjoyed them.  What I explained to the two fellows was do not choose anything too expensive or exotic for the wedding event.

Most people have no idea what they smoking or do not care. Most of them will light up a cigar because that seems  the thing to do but they will probably dump the cigar in less than 15 minutes.

If there are several true cigar heads at the wedding, you can always treat them to a superior cigar later in the party or choose another time to smoke with them. If you do not see them too often , you can always hand them a cigar and tell them to enjoy at a later time.

The two cigar guys asked me for some brands that might fit the bill for the wedding and I gave them a couple of ideas. The groom to be thought he would get two boxes or about 40 -50 cigars , about 5-6 dollars a pop. There are plenty of choices at that price point, told them to do some more research and make a pick. While you want to offer a smoke that is good, don’t get lost in the hundreds of choices.

They thanked me for the information and I wished them good luck in the wedding and their cigars.

Keep smoking

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