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Cigar events:

Smoking with friends

Life can be a lonely journey. But at your local cigar bar, all the guys know your name – or give you a new one altogether

You are never really alone or anonymous. There is always somewhat out there who knows you or have known you  in the past. Sometimes I have wondered how many different contacts a person makes on a daily basis with individuals.

Case in point. This afternoon I made my pilgrimage  to the Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge to meet some friends around 1230 but got there about 15 minutes early. There was one other member at the lounge and we started to chat, saying nothing in particular. We exchanged names and pleasantries while I waited for my friends to show.

The conversation entered the domain of what we do for a living and how often we come  to the Wolf. As the talk continued , we started to discuss fitness, and health. As you meet someone new you try to gather as much information as you can to seek a common ground. 

As this person was in the entertainment industry,  ( almost everyone in LA is in the business ) he mentioned the particular speciality he was in. I told him about my cigar website but mentioned my full-time job was a personal trainer and fitness manager. The conversation further morphed in injuries and who we might know in entertainment.

The person in question stated that I look familiar but thought  he probably saw me at the Wolf before. As we talked even further, our connection had nothing to do with the Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge.

About 15 years ago when I worked at Trident Fitness as a personal trainer, Jason, the mystery man of the moment was my client.

We also had mutual  friends and I attended his daughter’s Bat mitzvah. So in essence I had no contact with Jason since then until the conversation today. A very pleasant surprise indeed. 

The lesson here is , be friendly to all who you meet, more than likely , you will run into them again and what you said will not bite you in the ass.

Keep smoking

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