Cigar review: Caution, do not step on tracks

Cigar review: Hoyo de Monterrey/Rothchild



IMG_4095.jpgPerhaps you can help me figure this one out. My review started pretty normally. I use my rating sheet to get the facts and thoughts on the cigar I am smoking.

For those who read my reviews I first start reporting on the Name, Country of Origin, Wrapper, Binder , Filler etc. That is straightforward. I break down the review in thirds, and let my readers know my thoughts on what I am smoking. I also most of the time, give a brief report about the cigar manufacturer , if it is a new blend or if it has been around for a while.

The first third proved to be pretty good , medium strength with a nutty, cocoa presence. The second third continued in this vein with added spice, nothing dramatic but still a reasonably decent smoke.

The final third destroyed the cigar. It became bitter, metallic and not smokable. I trashed the cigar and wondered what happened?

I have smoked the Hoyo de Monterrey before but not in several years. The cigar was part of a sampler package that I purchased and spent ample time in my humidor. 

The cigar was so off-putting that I would consider it one of the worst smokes I had this year. I am hoping this was a freak and not an indication of the blend itself. Will I try the cigar again? I will give it another shot but not for a while.

I would love to hear from anyone who has smoked this cigar recently and tell me of their experience. I was not expecting the Hojo to be so bad, that it would be dumped.

So in fairness I am asking for input from you.

Keep smoking

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