Cigar events: The drama unfolds

Cigar events: It’s that time of year where every cigar blogger, magazine and media star unveils their best of cigars. With plenty of hoopla these cigars are announced with flair and verbosity.

Supposedly these are the best of the best, the sticks that everyone will be talking about for at least 5 minutes. Then the new cigars come out and the 2018’s are mostly forgotten are can be bought at bargain prices.

It’s not that I am against the best of lists, it’s kind of fun to compare what people are smoking. I am sure it is a big boost to the cigar manufacturers who put out the blends that make the top lists.

It also allows me to see what cigars I have missed or should revisit. There are so many different releases every year, there is no possible way to keep an accurate handle of the choices.

If I get a cigar sent from a Manufacturer to review, I will certainly give my opinion. I do get a small amount of cigars sent to me for this purpose. The larger cigar companies seem to get most of the reviews as they have many employees who’s job is to let the public know what they are producing.

Cigar bloggers also try to put their thoughts in and let their readers know what is going to make the top of the heap lists.

My view is slightly different. I do not have a best of list but a favorite list.

The difference is that they may not have the best overall rating but the cigar has their own profile and appeals to me at that time. So some cigars may have been top heavy with a spicy taste but overall I thought it was a good product. The rating may be good too but that is not the bottom line for me.

So in the next couple of days I will show the world what my favorite cigars of the year are. I will not explain each cigar as the review was already down. If you are truly interested in that cigar, please read the review. Look under cigar reviews in the website or you can email me, or text the site.

Keep smoking

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