Cigar news you can use: Frugal or cheap?

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Had a brief cigar discussion today with a follower who wanted to know when does a cigar become a bargain or pricy? His point was he will always look for a bargain but is an $10.00 cigar for example , a bargain if you like it? The premise being that price point should not always dictate if a cigar is a good choice.

There are many cigars in the market we can agree that seem to be not a good value but cigar smokers will pay for them. On the other hand, we do find cigars which are a good value and they can be had for a more reasonable price.

I am really not sure if there is a line in the sand that makes a cigar inexpensive or expensive. I have paid for cigars in just about all ranges. The most expensive cigar I have paid for was in London for a Monticristo 2 that listed for 18 pounds and two pence.

At the time this total was about $29.00 US dollars. Was the cigar worth the cost? It was as I smoked the cigar in an English garden drinking tea and eating a scone. The atmosphere was worth the cost of the cigar.

If you are also happy smoking a $4.00 bargain, standing around with your buddies , drinking beer or just talking, then the price is not important.

Yes, we do consider the price of a stick when making the purchase but it’s not the only factor or at least it should not be. Fortunately for cigar smokers the range of prices run just about everywhere so you can work within a budget or make the big spend.

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