Cigar events/lifestyle

Cigar events/lifestyle:

Not exactly a event to cheer about but today is the anniversary of my ill timed work injury which ruptured my right patella tendon and fractured the kneecap. Here are my takeaways from this.

1. We all say it but things can change very rapidly. This was my first serious injury and much more debilitating than I thought it would be.

2. It is ultra important you have an outstanding medical team and support throughout the recovery. If you deviate from your goal of recovery and rehab, it will take much longer and likely get poor results.

3. Take responsibility for yourself and do not wait for somewhat to help you. Get answers immediately and if you don’t agree, speak to someone else. Not that you know better but it’s necessary to find other viewpoints.

4. Make sure you do not isolate yourself or feel sorry. See your friends , have them pay visits and have fun. Rehab is boring, repetitive and lots of work.

5. You will be in pain so you might need meds. It’s part of doing business.

6. Rehab takes a lot longer than you think it will take. I was delusional thinking I would be back on my feet and ready to work in 3/4 months. It took almost a year to get work ready. I am still not where I would like to be.

7. Make your rehab your main job and do not get distracted. You certainly should do other activities but recovery is number one.

That’s pretty much it. Injuries do happen but don’t go looking for them.

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