Cigar events: 2019 Cigar resolutions

Cigar commentary:

Some thoughts as we enter 2019 as the cigar world turns.

1. Pay less attention to the price of cigar and pay more attention to the taste and flavor of the cigar. If you always look for a bargain priced cigar, you are cutting off many outstanding products that are on the market. Every once in awhile, splurge and buy that expensive beauty. You will regret not trying the cigar of your dreams down the road.

2. There are good products from large and small cigar manufacturers and poor products as well . Open up your taste buds with selections from all ends of the spectrum. Just because we want to support the boutique blends does not always mean , you will automatically enjoy what they produce.

3. Get involved in the political aspects of cigar smoking by supporting CRA and other cigar rights groups. There is a huge push from the anti-cigar groups to basically destroy what we know is an enjoyable activity. Be active or else face the consequences .

4. Without question buy product and hang out with your local B and M lounge. These stores are the grassroots of the cigar industry. You may get a better price from the catalogue dealers but you need the comradeship of the cigar community which starts with the local cigar lounge. Also try to get to a major cigar event once in awhile. This is a way to meet friends from all over the country and world who share your enjoyment of cigars.

5. Read cigar bloggers, magazines and view cigar videos. These are the folks who are very good in spreading the word about product, reviews and cigar information.

6. In the same vein, provide feedback to the aforementioned people above, so they can get a better understanding of your thinking.

So, 2019 will hopefully be a good year for cigar mavens and keep reading my blog too.

Keep smoking

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