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Cigar events/news:

El Segundo, Ca. has a reputation of being a sleepy town near LAX. with a Mayberry mentality.  Buffeted by the Pacific Ocean on one side a large corporate presence and the massive LAX airport it is well protected from most outside influences.





IMG_4633.jpgHowever as major companies have continued to grow and develop in El Segundo so has their hub on Main Street. Trendy shops, eateries, fitness studios have all planted their stakes with offerings to the local populace and employees of the expanding business.

The newish venture of a first class cigar lounge, Cigars and More has been added to the mix since November , 2018 and I was able to get a sense of the place recently. 

The layout of the store is impressive with a very fine collection of accessories as you enter. One wall is loaded with pipes, lighters and other necessities to make your smoking experience a complete one.

I was greeted immediately with a friendly hello from the clerk and I introduced myself and told him of my plans to feature the lounge.  He suggested I talk to the owner of the store who was not present but was due to come in on Monday. I will do that but wanted to get my own vision of the store. 

The humidor is well stocked with familiar names and the boutique brands which gave a customer plenty of choices. I eventually chose a Caldwell smoke , Blind Man’s Bluff with a very sane price point. You cannot sell a cigar if it is priced too extreme.

Eventually myself and my friend Mark who introduced me the lounge , sat in the cozy smoking area and we chatted with some regulars who gave glowing reviews of the establishment. I clearly felt immediately at home and truly enjoyed myself for 1.5 hours. 

Alas, I needed to say adieu and make it back to my side of town but if I am in the El Segundo hood, will certainly pay a visit. This is a totally cool place to hang, smoke and meet new folks. You will feel very much at ease at Cigars and More.

Keep smoking

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