Cigar events: Be careful where you put your cigars

Cigar events: At one time I had a fitness client who was very successful in his field. Without revealing what he did or what his business was , suffice it to say, money was no object.

However he was very generous to his staff, and many charities. His weekend retreat was a large horse farm outside of Los Angeles. It was over 100 acres with dozens of champion horses and they were treated very well.

He also had a great cigar collection of over 600 cigars stored in a hand crafted humidor that looked like a hollowed out tree. It was necessary to stand on a stool in order to reach the top of the humidor .

Actually it was a piece of art which if you did not know it’s content, would never had suspected what it contained.

One Saturday afternoon, I got a call from the person to come to the farm as he wanted to work out. This was fine with me as I also charged him travel time plus the actual personal training hour. As I got there , he greeted me at the door and said he wanted to show me around first. We hopped in a golf cart and proceeded to drive to the various horse stalls on the grounds. It was explained to me about the background of each horse, it’s pedigree and history.

This was lots of fun but took well over an hour to get done. We finally made it back to the house but again the training was not happening as I was now shown the stunning humidor with it’s contents. I received another explanation about what each cigar cabinet held and what type of cigar was in it.

We then proceeded to smoke a cigar or two which was hand picked by my client. The exact cigars we smoked I do not remember but I know I enjoyed them. After the cigar interlude , it was too late to work out but I was paid and given three cigars to take home .

Seemed to me it was a great way to spend a Saturday in Los Angeles. My cigar stash at the time was rather modest with maybe a dozen cigars in a ramshackle humidor. So, getting these cigars were quite a haul. I gently stored them and decided they were my special cigars for events or memories.

The cigars sat for several months but I occasionally rotated them to insure they would not go stale. For some reason I decided to smoke one of the sticks just because I could.

I selected one , cut the smoke, headed outside to hang out with the smoke and lit it up.

The cigar crackled with popping sounds, burned uneven and generally was a mess.

I could not figure it out. The stick was a total loss. Besides being disappointed, I needed to find out what the problem was. Actually , it was pretty easy to get the answer once I examined the cigar.

The cigar was infested by tobacco beetles who decided this cigar was a great place to lay their eggs. The next logical thought was since I was gifted this cigar by my client, I wondered if his stash was suffering the same fate.

A couple of days later I asked him the question about his cigars. He said he was not sure as it was some time that he looked at them . He assured me the cigar in question was a fluke and offered to replace the bug ridden smoke. I took him up on the offer but needed to wait and he was not going to his abode until later in the week.

Saturday came by and no cigar. However, the week started again and met my client in his office for a training session. He had a complete gym in his office with all the equipment you would ever need.

He came to me and handed me a cigar and told me a story. In essence it went something like this. His stunning humidor had a major flaw in it. The cigars that were stored in it were kept in three drawers but were not separated. So what happened there were beetles in the cigars and they were quite happy to infect all the cigars as there was no barrier that would prevent them from laying eggs in all compartments. Most of the cigars were infected and needed to be dumped. The prized cigar collection were thrown in the trash along with the useless humidor.

Thousands of dollars of high priced smokes were gone. The moral of this story is, be careful where you store your stash. Pretty simple.

Keep smoking

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