Cigar news you can use: Single no longer

As reported by Cigar Aficionado today, My Father Cigars has bought the rights to the Fonseca brand from Quesada Cigars.

While the specifics of the deal have not been revealed, the deal was said to have been initiated following negotiations between Janny Garcia (daughter of Don Pepín García) and Patricia Quesada (daughter of Manuel Quesada). The two women (along with Patricia’s sister, Raquel) have previously worked together on the 2012 release of the Tres Reynas cigar, which was manufactured by My Father Cigars and distributed by Quesada.

Fonseca was first crafted in Cuba during the 1890s by Francisco Fonseca and continues as a diminutive brand by Habanos S.A. to this day. Outside of Cuba, Fonseca has always been produced by the Quesada family, debuting as the premiere brand when the family opened the MATASA factory in Santiago, Dominican Republic in June 1974.

Prior to today’s announcement, Fonseca had undergone frequent changes, with Quesada introducing a Nicaraguan variant in 2016, as well as a complete overhaul of the Fonseca line last year. The latter was one of the first major changes from Quesada following the departure of the company’s National Sales Manager, Terence Reilly in 2017.


According to Cigar Aficionado, My Father Cigars plans to retain the line’s heritage, while providing the García’s unique spin. The publication provided this quote from Janny Garcia: “We’re going to add that touch of My Father, but we want to honor the Cuban vibe of the brand.”

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