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Jungle Jim’s adds bourbon bar and cigar tastings

FAIRFIELD – The Oscar Station was originally built to house and repair the trains for the monorail at Jungle Jim’s International Market.

But for the past month or so it has housed a new bourbon bar two nights a week and become home to weekly cigar tastings.

“We are Jungle Jim’s and we tend to be a little different,’’ says April Petri, general manager of the Oscar Event Center and Oscar Station.

The conversion from what was affectionately called The Snake Pit to Oscar Station took about nine months and was completed in November in time for the International Wine Festival.

The centerpiece of the venue is a hand-crafted bourbon bar designed specifically for the space and built with reclaimed wood. There are 45 high-end bourbons suspended above the bar on a modified conveyor belt purchased from a going-out-of-business dry cleaner in Mason.

“It’s a very unique feature that Jungle (owner Jim Bonaminio) wanted and designed around it,’’ Petri said.

Saturday marks the official opening of the Oscar Station to the public. From 5-10 p.m. there will be live music, raffles, and giveaways at the 14,000-square-foot venue located behind Jungle Jim’s at 8871 N. Gilmore Road.

The space includes an 8,900-square-foot heated patio that can be enclosed along with about 5,400 square feet of indoor space.

Features include high exposed ceilings, concrete floors, and wood, brick and stone feature walls giving it a rustic and industrial feel.

The station will be open from 4 to 10 p.m. every Wednesday and Thursday. Each week on Thursday, a different cigar vendor will be featured.

The Oscar Station is available to rent for weddings, festivals, corporate events, birthday parties, or in conjunction with the Oscar Event Center, with the monorail connecting the two sites.

Catering is provided by executive Chef James Trent. Other features include a sound system wife, and use of the Jungletron for pictures and messages.

“It’s great as a stand-alone but the beauty of it is when it works together with the Oscar Event Center,’’ Petri said.

Call 513-674-6055 or visit the website for information.

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