Cigar news you can use: Press Release/ Punch Knuckle Buster

Cigar news : New to the world.

Push Cigars are going to the mats once more with a new cigar collection called the Knuckle Buster to begin shipping to retailers in March

Punch Knuckle Buster

The blend will be a collection with a no holds barred mind set. As Punch describes it, “ a well made , no nonsense cigar at a price that is fair and reasonable.

Medium bodied cigar that would appeal to both new and seasoned smokers.”

The details: 3 sizes, Robusto, 4.99 a smoke, Toro, 5.49 a stick and Gordo comes in at 5.99 a pop, all MSRP.

Ed Lahmann, senior brand manager states: Our hope is that Punch Knuckle Buster becomes a go to blend that cigar smokers can rely on time and time again, without having to think twice. We want it to be the perfect smoke for walking the dog or mowing the lawn or enjoying with cigar smoking friends.”

There you go, the Punch Knuckle Buster.

Keep smoking

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