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Lifestyle: I have no idea why the powers to be thought it would not be a detriment to the virus if you wore a mask.

Now I understand there are different levels of mask protection, and providers needed top flight coverage but telling the public , it would not help ?

My thoughts were :

The governments were clueless that the virus would create world wide havoc.

They did not have the proper reserves or inventory to cover workers much less normal folks.

They wanted to protect their own asses first and did not give a shit who lived or who died.

They are pretty stupid people as a rule.

They were getting so much information and it at times was conflicting,


Here is the easy way to look at masks.  Think of physical sports such as football, baseball, hockey and the like.

Players wear helmets to protect their heads from trauma such as getting whacked by another player, a ball a stick etc. Does if offer full protection? No, but it sure helps to lessen the blow. 

Now a mask of any sort, such as a bandana, does give you a basic protection point. You still need to social distance, not go out but when you do, it does help.

For those who have ulta concerns about getting sick, clearly stay in. Going out adds a bad connection to the disease

Why the collective minds of science and government could not tell the truth about the masks is beyond me. If they really did not know, say that.

It they did not have enough supplies, say that. 

The talking heads on TV, on social media really did a disservice to the country and the world to take a stance which said little or nothing.

Corona virus is scary shit and leadership on all accounts failed.

You cannot defend the half baked ideas that we heard or were told what to do.

Yes, things change on an hourly basis but stop the bullshit.

Keep smoking


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