Cigar events: Cigars and Beards?

Cigar events: Just thought about this. Beards.

Do guys with beards look more rugged when they smoke?

Do bearded dudes smoke larger gauge cigars?

Is there a particular beard style for a shape of a cigar?

How bushy or long should a beard be?

Do you use beard oil , beard balm?

Do you have a beard comb, brush or other tool?

How often do you trim your beard?

Do you trim your beard yourself or have a barber do it for you ?

Do you have a electric beard trimmer?


The reason this all came up is my beard is really getting bushy, thick and long. Usually it is professionally trimmed by my barber shop. As this is not allowed under the present COVID 19 conditions, I have done very little upkeep on the beard.

I did just order a beard trimming kit and plan to use it.

I don’t think or more likely hope that I don’t botch the job. I like my beard length and shape now but it does need some fine tuning to get it looking a bit sharper.

This is what I think about now.

Keep smoking

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