Lifestyle: Cleaning up my act

Lifestyle: My beard was bushy, long and in some minds an eyesore.  I was not quite of that opinion,  but realized it needed some work and cleaning up. 

I ordered a pretty fancy barber clipper with more attachments than people out of work. 

In fact, it was pretty intimidating how to figure out how to use it. I also looked at many videos on how to make the clipper do it’s thing. Most of them were not very clear or helpful as they often gave conflicting advice. 

What I finally did was ask a friend who used a clipper to keep his beard in order. What he used was a dog clipper which seemed to me not the  best tool but that did not faze him.

His suggestion was use the 4mm attachment and see how that goes. As everyone knows, if you botch the job, eventually the beard would grow back. 

I took the clipper , tooled with it and I believe I did an ok job for a the first time user.

What do you think?

Keep smoking

The before look, vintage Jerry Garcia
The after look, aging intellectual


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