Lifestyle: Reinvention again

Lifestyle: Well, I was  back to work for one week as a Fitness Director for a Country Club in Porter Ranch. Yesterday we were shut down again as the Governor of California  put the kibosh on gyms and other indoor activities in many parts of the state. 

The Covid 19 numbers were getting alarmingly high again as people either failed to recognize the severity of the disease, or disrespected their family and friends by not taking safety precautions.

The politics of  face coverings or other social distancing applications is something I do not dwell on. I know what I need to do to keep safe, keep my family and friends safe. There are three doctors in my extended family , so keeping safe in all aspects of my life are very clear. 

The fitness facility I direct kept all the standards which applied to the operations of keeping members safe. Limited hours, reservations, cleaning every hour hour on the hour, social distancing, moving equipment out, the list is long and extensive. 

Now the wait is back on and hoping it does not go for months on end. Maybe the second time around , the awareness level will increase and we can get back to work.

Keep smoking

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