Lifestyle: Back to the workout grind

Lifestyle: After my covid 19 screening which was a negative , I need to get back to a fitness regiment of sorts. Now what I am or have been doing at home, no where comes close what I did at the gym. 

My program does involve several machines that you cannot exact the same way even with free weights and other devices. The good news has been there has been no weight gain from the stay at home order that closed gyms. 

I have lost muscle mass which accounts for most of the weight loss I have achieved and was never a goal to lose weight. 

Also my recumbent bike was given away to a person who picked it up. I originally purchased it as part of my rehab process at home from the patellar tendon but never liked the machine. 

My workout today:

Outdoor run in my back yard: 0.92 miles which consisted of 60 laps around both directions , boring as shit and tough on my knee and back due to the sharp angle making the circle.

Total of 5114 steps. Burn of 262 calories, pace of 23.02 , average heart rate 137.

Lifting two sets of curls, 15 x , 15 times,

Pushups on bar, two sets, 15 times, 

Ab work: variety of sets, 15- 20 reps.

Not a start over but a start.

Keep smoking

Let me know your thoughts and feedback, thanks for your support.

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