Lifestyle: Fitness for the world

Lifestyle/ Fitness: workout and cigar. Two worlds mesh. Keep smoking Advertisements

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Lifestyle: No power in the gym.

Lifestyle: You still need to work out. No excuses. Keep Smoking

Cigar events and lifestyle: Peace and love in LA

Cigar events: Worked out for my rehab, feels better, getting more endurance but long way off to where I want to be. Nausea sets in

Fitness Lifestyle: I used to be

Fitness: I hear from clients as a fitness trainer this phrase so often in some variation, ” I used to be in shape, I used

Lifestyle: I used to be strong

Lifestyle: Back in the saddle After a serious injury you need to access what you can do presently. My patella injury had set me back

Fitness News you can use: Fitness is fun

Lifestyle: Fitness       As a fitness trainer I often see clients not balancing their workouts.  Those who like cardio tend to do mostly

Cigar Event: Back in Cambridge, mid 1980’s

Cigar Event: A cigar tale in Cambridge, Ma. mid 1980’s Cigar guys tend to gravitate towards each other,  even  with distinct and different backgrounds. The first