Lifetyle: Who is not a super – star?

Lifestyle: This is just an observation that clicked in my head today. I was watching one of the morning shows this AM. and  a host spoke about Beyonce’s new movie and described her as a super- star. 

The next segment another host spoke of a singer and her new line of makeup and she also was described as a super- star. 

Last night I glanced at the Laker- Clipper game and the announcers also spoke of super-star players. 

In the same vein, viewing the Red Sox- Mets game, the topic was Mookie Betts , the former Red Sox and yup he is also a super-star.

Several questions need to be asked.  Define what makes a super star? Is it wealth, influence, knowledge, best in their field,  market share, looks, age, demographics?

If there are so many super -stars in the world,  is there something such as an ultra super star?

Does the super-star call themselves a super-star? 

Are there over the hill super-stars or are you granted super- star status for the rest of your life? 

Can your super-star status be rescinded by a committee or by proclamation?

Are there limits on how many people can become a super-star in  a given year or a decade? 

What if you don’t really want to be called a super-star? Can you reject the title?

Can you be a super-star in more than one field or  if you are a super-star in one field but not in another does that make a difference?

Does every business or occupation or field have super-stars?

Am I a super-star blogger or not?

Can you self -designate yourself a super-star?

I need help with this. Please send your comments and thoughts about this topic.

It might be the most important thought you have today.


Guarding the cigar stash

Keep smoking/hoping to become a super-star

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