Lifestyle/Fitness: Staying on top of it

img_4135Lifestyle/Fitness: As I make my rounds around Los Angeles safe distancing and mask covering, observations about fitness.

My career path for those who read the blog and know my background is that I have over 40 years of experience in the field. Included in this experience are Fitness Director, Personal Trainer, Golf and Senior Fitness Specialist.

Gyms and other fitness facilities have mostly been closed or reduced to a limited outdoor experience. My club has developed a simple footprint for working out with weights, resistant bands, kettle bells, and other small pieces of equipment.

We limit the amount of members each hour, must have reservations and clean every the area every half hour.

What strikes me more at least in the LA market which has the advantage of fine weather are the amount of people taking it to the streets to work out.  What I have seen are individuals and groups working with a trainer or instructor in local parks, near the beach, on the beach or grassy areas.

There also have been more runners, bikers, walkers filling the neighborhoods. (Unfortunately some are not taking the recommended safety protocols)

All age groups seem to be represented in their endeavors which is very encouraging.

What is also important are individuals who need some guidance how to approach their workouts , should consult a fitness trainer in order to not get hurt. If you don’t know what you are doing , getting injured is the likely result. Zoom fitness is a good idea if you have understanding of  your fitness goals but for new comers , it can be a bad idea.

As for the future of  gyms , we do not know . For those who can adapt to the present environment or what happens down the road, they will be ok. For the others , we can hope.

Yours in fitness and health.img_4892

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