Cigar review: Another quick hitter.

Cigar review: This is one of those Habano cigars which are not as well known as the heavy hitters such as Partegas or Monticristo. Actually I am fine with that as it leaves more cigars for me.

I purchased a box of the Juan Lopez Habana from As always how and where I receive the cigar does not impact my subjective opinion.


Here is a concise review of this smoke.

The construction was solid with a soft feel to the touch, a little spongy , perhaps due to my humidor. Othewise, the cigar was well constucted, rustic looking , medium brown wrapper and a simple but effective looking band.


 A rich flavor with a strong pop of pepper , coffee and earth. This is a strong but not overpowering cigar.

 Construction stayed constant with no relights or issues. Medium grey ash , the body was solid.

Final thoughts and conclusions:

If you desire a well made, strong cigar this is for you. Steady taste, no surprises except fine taste.

This is a 4.0 cigar out of 5.

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