Lifestyle: Stormy Thursday

Lifestyle: our version of winter gloom. Keep Smoking Advertisements

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Lifestyle: excitement watching the Westminster Dog show

Lifestyle: Mandi and Cheetah betting on the winner. Keep smoking

Cigar events: This is the essence of cigars

Cigar events: Evening fare at the Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge Keep Smoking

Cigar events: Spring in LA?

Cigar events/lifestyle: The green is popping up. Keep smoking

Cigar events: cigars for super bowl

Cigar events: crowds for cigars. Keep smoking

Cigar events: city smoke, LA style

Cigar events: Dog and me. The way it is. Keep smoking

Cigar events: it never ends

Cigar events : keep finding these cigars in my humidor. Good for me. Keep smoking

Cigar events: A Villiger moment

Cigar events: Serenity now with Viliger Cigars. Keep smoking

Cigar events: Govern by nonsense

Cigar events: Nothing gets done. Keep smoking

Cigar events: birthday cigar after the fact

Cigar events: chilling at the Lone Wolf Cigar Lounge. Keep smoking

Cigar Events: Mandi after a hard workout

Cigar events: cool paw Mandi. Keep smoking

Cigar Events: almost clean

Cigar events: beard trim and a cigar. Keep smoking

Lifestyle: Santa Monica, home of the malcontent

Lifestyle: Nobody Fit’s In. Keep smoking

Cigar events: Sunday life

Cigar events: couple of moments. Keep smoking

Cigar events: Think about it.

Cigar events: Second time around. Isabela Cigars Keep smoking

Cigar events: thanks to Isabela Cigars

Cigar events: Receiving the goods today. Will review and smoke soon. Keep smoking

Cigar review: San Cristobal

Cigar review: Working on this right now. Keep smoking

Lifestyle: 3 faces of Miss Ruthie

Lifestyle: Cute or not ? Keep smoking

Cigar events: mapping out Friday

Cigar events: Not in India. Keep smoking

Lifestyle: We are also the Windy City

Lifestyle: 40-50 mph winds through the fall and winter. This is how we roll in Porter Valley. Keep Smoking  

Cigar events: different world

Cigar events: my dog approves Keep smoking

Cigar events: No anger zone

Lifestyle: Halloween Santa Monica style

Lifestyle:Creepy, scary and hip. Keep smoking o

Cigar Events: Very brown and clean

Cigar events: Return to sender. Keep smoking

Cigar Events: Not in the SFV

Cigar event: Los Angeles people know the difference. Keep smoking

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